Conversor RS1 Mavic SL/SLR IS

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Conversor RS1 Mavic SL/SLR IS

Este conversor permite usar una rueda Mavic SL y SLR con anclaje de disco de 6 taladros en una horquilla Rock Shox RS1

  • Aluminio 7075-T6
  • Eje rígido de una sola pieza
  • Se mantiene el sistema de ajuste del buje
  • Proceso reversible
  • Apoyos de 30mm de diamtro
  • Eje resultante de QR15x110 RS1


This conversor adapts wheels Mavic SLR, SL, SL Pro for use in Rock shox RS1 Forks

Aluminium 7075-T6
Rigid axis in one piece througt side by side
Use same adjust tolerance original system
Reversible conversion
30mm axis suport
Compatible with QR15 x 110 RS1 Forks
2 Versions: For IS (6 bolts rotor) or Centerlock rotor. (Choice option)


About dishing:
The rotor position in RS1 are diferent distance in RS1 that QR15 or Boost axis, the conversor make the right position for the rotor. For a correct position the rim in the center of the new size hub is necesarry a dishing correction. Can you make this correction if you have a skills, or use a professional service.

NOTE: RS1 forks from Rock Shox, are forks with inverted upper tubes that lack bridging, this implies that the upper tubes rotate freely when the front wheel is not mounted, it is for this reason that a most important part of the rigidity of the fork is due to the assembly that realizes with the hub, once assembled all the system with his wheel, Our converters always prioritize the rigidity for that reason in the majority of the cases or are of a piece throught of side to side, of type threaded or with supports in the large diameter shaft. for maximum rigidity,

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